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Supermarkets are an integral part of the 21st century. They are the churches of consumer culture with their own marketing strategy, stubborn logistics and operating system. There are so many of them in the Czech Republic that they have penetrated the lives of all of us. designSUPERMARKET is an original response to this phenomenon, restoring balance by providing a completely different experience. designSUPERMARKET guarantees shopping experience based not on cheap mass-produced products of uninspired design, but on original, unique and well-made works of young authors with great style and added value. The reason designSUPERMARKET exists is today’s confusing situation surrounding artistic design.

Young designers and artist have very few opportunities to present their work to the public and the competition of multinational companies and brands is enormous. The Czech Republic still does not have a platform that would promote young designers and offer exhibition space.designSUPERMARKET tries to provide a safe haven for starting and established young designers allowing them to avoid the trap of purely commercial commissions. The goal of designSUPERMARKET is to offer young creative designers a place to meet, exchange ideas, experiences and create new contacts and start new projects.

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