European House Cinema

The latest european films outside the mainstream, across all genres.

Diversity is something a little genetically determined feature of european culture, made up of dozens of regions with different traditions and influences. Whether we like it or not, from all this vast wealth is sent to us only part, selection which forms current mainstream. Those, who want to see more then just films socially accepted, they usually look at smaller festival that focus on some specific genres , types of film processing, themes or specific geographic areas.

Film festivals and films like this are presented during film nights in the European House. Is is a bit of „superfestival“ with permanently changing dramaturgy, in which creates space for various genres, formats, themes and approaches to filmmaking. Each evening offers an adventurous expedition in contemporary European cinema, but also a wide range of festivals and various cultural institutions that could be, hopeflly, maybe even a little instpiration for domestic supply.

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