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Jenica & Perla (2013)

Director: Rozálie Kohoutová

A documentary road movie about the way of children’s musical group from Kežmarok to Paris.

The film tells the story of two teenage girls Jenica and Perla who are friends but live 1500 km apart. They met thanks to the Kesaj Tchave dance organization that brings together Roma children from Eastern Slovakia and children from Romanian Roma families from Paris. During such holiday tour Jenica and Perla became best friends.

The film addresses the issue of social exclusion determining the future of both girls and their minimal chances to leave the environment they grew up in.

The documentary portrait of these two girls addresses some universal issues: Which of them has a better chance of a happy life? Jenica, living in a metropolitan city with thousands of other immigrants, or Perla, isolated from the rest of the world in the slum? And what does a happy life mean to them? What is the culture of Roma people in a city and in a traditional village?

Česká RAPublika (2008)

Director: Pavel Abrahám

Musical documentary about Czech hip-hop scene.  Awarded the GOLDEN KINGFISHER for Best Documentary, Festival Finale 2009.

This movie is a look at the Czech hip-hop scene, which has grown considerably in the last decade and has become a home for many young people. Hip-hop is far more than just a musical style – for many, it is literally a way of life. It carries with it certain values, an inexhaustible number of gestures, rituals and symbols, as well as an original, ever changing language of its own. And that is given special attention in the film; in fact, it is the starting point for the movie itself, where we trace rap texts and let the words of “street poets” come alive in offbeat situations..


Marta (2008)

The movie tells a drama of three people. Marek lives out in the mountains with his half-disabled father, separated from anyone else. He survives by poaching animals. His father then trades the animals in the nearest village for the things they need to survive in the wilderness. Marek needs to stay in hiding, since it is a war and if found, he would risk being recruited in the army. His father wouldn)t survive on his own. But then one day, an unexpected catch awaits Marek in one of his traps…


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